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Back in the saddle again

Another learning experience: it’s tough to find the energy to maintain a blog while instructing 4 lab sections, teaching a newly-revamped biology class, taking a Spanish class, buying a house 900 miles away, preparing to move to said house, and dealing with self-imposed holiday obligations. I know. Excuses, excuses. After a 4-month hiatus, I declare myself officially back in the saddle [cue mental Gene Autry soundtrack].

"Back in the saddle" - a perfect descriptor for someone newly living in cowboy country.

I’ve got plenty of recent learning experiences to share, about buying a house, using professional movers, and home maintenance. I’m also getting to know my newly adopted town of Scottsbluff, Nebraska, which has prompted me to start another blog specifically to cover that topic: SCB Citizen. Glutton for punishment? You bet. But if I can convince myself to write shorter and less involved blog posts, I should be able to keep up.


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